Skin Writing

"Same thing that's scrolled across the stars is written under our skin… horizon, new horizon within." ~David Gray

It is a scientific notion that we are all made of the stardust that emitted from the birth of the universe. Whatever account of Creation we hold dear, this still remains true. As physicists and others who study the intricate on-going work of this amazing planet and solar system of which we are all a part will tell us, the molecules of our bodies are created out of stardust. It is a fascinating concept to get your head around.

The good news, and there is so much of it, that this elicits is that we are designed to be ever-renewing. The average lifespan of our skin cells for instance is 2-4 weeks. So we might say we have a new face every month or so. I realize that is simplistic but there is a level of truth to it. As we grow and age, parts of our bodies are always changing and taking on new shape. This is not always to our liking but remains true nonetheless.

All of Creation calls us toward a renewing. Across faith traditions,in the sacred stories that guide our lives, there is always the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. The seasons teach us this. The trees and plants teach us this. Our very living teaches us this.

What new horizon is pulling you these days? What uneasiness within your skin is urging you to pay attention to the stardust waiting to shine? Are you in a birth cycle, a life cycle, or a death cycle? It is always a good thing to take stock of just where we are in this amazing circle of sacred story.

As I have watched the various flowering plants in our garden take their moment of center stage, I have been reminded that there are times to bloom and times to let go of brilliant color. The pansies so sweet and beautiful in May are now leggy and pale. The cone flowers, having worked for months to reach their full height, are now raising their sunny faces toward the sky. In just a few weeks, they too, will begin to fade making way for the next wave of newness, of color, of life. And so it goes.

Each part of Creation, including we human ones, have seasons imprinted within us. Yet each season calls us forward toward the new horizon within.

Enjoy the beauty of this summer weekend……..

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